Bartlesville Insurance Agent | Who can save me money?

Are you looking for a Bartlesville insurance agent that can save you money? If so then you need to look no further than the Enloe & Associates. That is because we are going to be able to reply to our clients with not only outstanding customer service, what’s the best rate and coverages they have been looking for. There are many different reasons why we can provide this world of our customers. However, it’s simply because we are an independent insurance agent. We are not limited to working with a single carrier, put out your business for a bit across dozens of different insurance companies. We are an honest locally owned business that is always going to have your best interest. We are not out to Simply sell insurance policies for our gain.

It is our passion to provide you with coverage that fits your budget from your Bartlesville Insurance Agent because our founder started off working with large big-box insurance companies. Derek quickly realized damn these company’s words nearly solely driven by sales. They did not have their client’s best interests at heart, but simply just profits. Because many of his clients, particularly early on we’re friends and family members, he desired to find a way to provide his customers with coverage & prices that he can be proud of. he decided to go out and become an independent insurance agent. This way that no matter if he was ensuring your home, car, or business he can truly find you the best rate possible. He wasn’t simply satisfied with selling a ton of policies that did not benefit the customer. Today he can shop your insurance between dozens of different companies to ensure that you are getting the coverage that fits your needs, and your budget.

Our Bartlesville insurance agent is so confident that he’ll be able to save you money will give you $20 if we are not able to beat your rate. this is in large part because most people deal with an insurance agent who is pushing just a single insurance provider. By bringing you into our Independent Insurance Agency, we are going to open up your options Define the policy that truly works for you in every way. We will get you a quote that is going to be a fast and Priced Right. All while providing you with a customer service experience that has led us to be the highest and most reviewed insurance agent in Bartlesville.

What is it you are looking to insure? If you were looking for home insurance and we are going to be able to help you out. Because this is one of the biggest assets that you own in your life, it is vital to make sure that you haven’t properly protected. Particularly living in Oklahoma having your home insured is of the utmost importance. Because of the many storms that we have threatened our home on an annual basis, I want to make sure that you are properly covered. But at the same time, you have to make sure that you have an option that is also going to fit your budget. Insurance is supposed to protect your assets, not be a liability on your budget.

If you think that Enloe & Associates is the right fit to ensure your home, car, or business don’t waste any time and visit our website. When you go to You can fill out a customer contact form that will allow us to get in contact with you. If you would like a faster response, pick up your phone and call us anytime by dialing 918-225-0065.

Bartlesville Insurance Agent | What insurance do you provide?

Do you wonder what kind of insurance your Bartlesville insurance agent can provide? When it comes to Enloe & Associates we can simply provide you whatever Insurance you’re needing! Whether you are looking for a home, auto, commercial, or health we got you covered. That is because across the are dozens of different carriers, we can provide you whatever insurance that you are looking for. Being an independent insurance agent allows us to be competitive no matter what type of insurance you are shopping for. making sure that you are properly protected for any assets that you own, and protected from any liabilities you may incur, is one of the most important things but you can do to ensure that you are financially secure now and in the future. Insurance is always underappreciated until it’s needed.

Are you looking for a Bartlesville insurance agent for your home insurance? We Face many different threats here in Oklahoma when it comes to our home. Because of our crazy weather, your home may be threatened by natural disasters such as wind, tornados, flights, as well as wildfires. this is why it is so important particularly in our state to have adequate insurance coverage. And given time one of these dangers cuz pop up and threaten your home! It Will help you make sure that you are not paying for more coverage than you but also ensure that you are properly protected if has absolute disaster strikes. Because your home is the largest in Venice that you are likely to make, making sure that we protect it adequately is something we take very seriously.

Right behind your home, your car may be your next biggest asset that you were looking for a Bartlesville insurance agent to protect. Not only are you trying to protect your asset, in the vehicle to your own, But also make sure that you have adequate coverage for damages in medical cost in the event of an accident. Auto insurance is a tricky thing, as you certainly want to have plenty of coverage for liabilities, but also is not something that you want to be a major expense. We will make sure that we shop for the best rate possible, not only whenever you switch your insurance over to us, but every year when your policy comes up for Renewal. This is often when mini insurance companies sneak in inflation increases in your coverage. This results in a higher premium after the first year.

If you are needing Commercial Insurance then you need to contact us today to make sure that you are properly covered in a variety of areas. Depending on your area is this common there are all kinds of commercial insurance that you need to make sure that you have. Protecting your precious company from disaster is something that we completely relay with. with all of the different stresses that small business owners face, be over or underinsured is something almost any business owner contemplates in worries about. Let us take that off your plate by making sure that we make an informed recommendation on the robber coverage that you need, and then we are going to shop for the best rate for that coverage.

Whatever your insurance needs are, you can rest assured knowing that we are going to provide you the coverage do you need at a great price. Visit Enloe & Associates at for a free quote. You can also talk to our insurance agents today by calling 918-225 -0065. stop paying more than you should contact us today.