Enloe and associates is your Bartlesville insurance agent. What sets Enloe & Associates apart from every other Bartlesville insurance agent is that we have the ability to write almost any line of business through dozens of companies. As a matter of fact we can give you a home quote from nearly a dozen companies usually in a matter of 10 minutes or less. We can do the same thing with your auto. Even better though, we have carriers beyond the aforementioned that we can quote in specialty lines. For instance, if you have a high value home or a Classic car that the average insurance companies won’t touch, we have specific companies that specialize in those types of policies. This is important because, when you have companies that specialize in these lines of business you can typically get the best rates. That might not make sense at first, but the reason is they actually know what they are insuring. Whereas, when you take a classic car to an average insurance company that doesn’t specialize in classic cars they don’t truly know how to ensure it. They want to value it just like a regular car and base it on the Kelley blue book value. However, anybody with a classic car knows better than to do that. Classic cars unlike regular cars appreciate in value, over time, in many cases. Which is the opposite of new cars, they tend to depreciate in value, in most cases.

However, classic cars and high-end homes are not the only scenarios in which this applies. That is why at Enloe and associates, your Bartlesville insurance agent, we represent carriers that specialize in all sorts of things. Such as, carriers that have really spent the time and money researching what consumers who drive motorcycles, four wheelers or dirt bikes really value in an insurance policy. What sorts of equipment they use and would want to insure. What specific types of losses they may incur on say a cross country trip on their motorcycle or with their fifth wheel attached. All of these things really matter to consumers who have spent thousands of dollars buying that dream 5th wheel, RV, motorcycle, boat or four wheeler. That’s why we are proud as your Bartlesville insurance agent to be able to represent carriers who truly know how to meet your specific needs. But beyond that, like we already stated, it’s not just about meeting your specific needs it’s about understanding what they are actually ensuring so they’re not just charging you a premium out of precaution. And when insurance companies Do not truly understand their exposure, in my experience, it seems they over insure and cost the insured more money in premium. We consider ourselves very fortunate here in lone Associates your local Bartlesville insurance agent because we get to work with such great companies that have gone above and beyond doing the research that it requires to truly know the consumer their needs and the products that they are ensuring. It feels a lot better knowing that when we get finished writing a policy we are confident that we have provided the best policy options and best coverage options available to us

Enloe and associates, your Bartlesville insurance agent, is also very fortunate in the sense that we have such diversity in our products that we can take care of almost every need that all of our customers present us with. Many of our customers who have their home and auto with us also own businesses. These businesses range from retail shops, trucking companies landscaping companies to even oilfield companies and everything in between. It puts their mind at ease knowing that they can have all their policies in one place and not have to keep up with several different phone numbers and several different agents when they need something they know they only have to call one number and remember one name. This eliminates a ton of stress when The time comes to actually put their insurance policy to use.

Homeowners Insurance

In Oklahoma rates have skyrocketed on homeowners insurance because it is such a high risk state. Insurance companies have started looking for ways to avoid risk and paying out so much on claims. However, by doing so they have started to trim down some of, in my opinion, the most important coverages. For instance, they have started putting people roofs on depreciation schedules (after so many years they won’t pay full replacement, just a percentage). I guarantee you, call your captive agency and see if your roof is on a depreciation schedule, if they say no, they are probably lying. However, luckily for you, we have carriers that still do full replacement. We never quote actual cash value on anything, unless specifically asked. We always want to make sure our customers are fully covered to matter what! No gimmicks, no scams, call today!

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance gives you that extra peace of mind. You can sleep easy knowing if your liability is ever exceeded you have the extra coverage to step in and protect you from additional costs and the lawsuit happy world we live in. The best news is, they are extremely cheap, call us now at 918-221-0065 to see how cheap peace of mind can really be.

High Value Homes

Your average insurance company has what is known as a “sweet spot” on the risk they are willing to insure. This is why you can’t just walk into any agency on the corner and insure your 1.5 million dollar home. The majority of the companies that write homeowners in Oklahoma don’t want to even consider that risk. This is a problem for people with these types of properties, or it was, but not anymore. Call Enloe & Associates at 918-221-0065 for your high value home solution.

Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance is a whole other beast and anyone that owns a business knows this. There’s no quick answer to many of the commercial needs. However, that does not mean there can’t be a affordable solution. At Enloe & Assoc. we are that solution. Call 918-221-0065 now, to find the affordable solution that is best for you!

Auto Insurance

If you have recently purchased a car or if you are looking to reduce your auto insurance rates, give Enloe and Associates a call. We work directly with dozens of insurance agencies and can always reduce your rates in some fashion. Give us a call to get a great quote at 918-221-0065 today!

Classic Cars

This is not a normal car and should not be insured as such. Do not let your inadequate agent underinsure your classic car because he doesn’t know better, or worse, does know better but wants the premium. Call 918-221-0065 if you want to sleep easy knowing your classic is covered like it should be.

Health Insurance

Health has skyrocketed in recent years, that is why we have partnered with the best in the industry for finding you affordable healthcare. We have been able to get people great coverage for next to nothing. Don’t wait to get your affordable coverage by calling 918-221-0065 today!

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. We have multiple carriers to ensure that we can get you a quality product at a great rate, every time! Don’t make Work comp complicated, let us simplify it by calling 918-221-0065, today!