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Choose Enloe and Associates for your Bartlesville Insurance because we’ve got a great rate we’ve got even better customer service. That’s right not only are we going to be any competitor out there but we’re going to do so while providing you better customer service in anything you could ever imagine. That is our primary focus here at Enloe and Associates. we’re obsessed with saving you money and making you work experience dealing with an insurance agent pleasant. We understand that shopping for insurance isn’t off the top of your list of things you enjoy doing. That’s why we focus on inviting you every enjoyable than experience as possible.

When shopping for Bartlesville insurance you need to make sure that you were going with the company that not only provides you with outstanding rates but treats you the way that you want to be treated. that is what you were going to be provided when you go with us. Because we are a relatively small company, our staff oftentimes enjoys close relationships with every one of our clients. because we have close relationships with each one of our clients, conversations tend to be a little bit more personal less generic. While we are growing more and more each year, it is our Focus to make sure that we maintain that close relationship that we have built with many more clients. And we want to convince any building that relationship as we bring War more people into the fold.

One way that we are going to providing great customer service along with the best rates for your mortgage insurance is by periodically calling up to make sure that we are doing a good job for you. Honest conversation and give you a chance to give us honest feedback as to how you would rate your experience with us. take this as constructive criticism on how we can do a better job serving you. this is your chance to help us get better at not only serving on your needs but also current and future clients. This is just more than many quality control measures we have in place to ensure that you are getting the customer service that you deserve.

We what is so confident that you’re going to enjoy not only our low rates but the entire experience that we guarantee. your experience because of our fast quotes, our great price, and are even better customer service. while it is true that it is hard to be our prices, our clients tell us all the time they chose us because of the way that we made them feel warm and welcome. This is something that we are obsessed with continuing to deliver even as our company grows. You can count on us to continue providing you the same level of quality service that you have enjoyed for many years.

Do not wait to take advantage of an insurance agent that cares about you. give us a call so we can get started on saving you money today. All you have to do is pick up your phone and dial 918-221-0065. where you can fill out a form on our website by going to and click the form to get a quote now.

Bartlesville Insurance | Bartlesville’s best independent insurance agency

Did you never want to come to the Bartlesville insurance that nobody else can buy you a better experience when it comes to Independent Insurance agencies? That’s right we are Bartlesville’s highest and most reviewed insurance agents because of our reputation as the best. This doesn’t solely mean that we are going to save you the most money, although that is a huge Factor. We guarantee that we can be our competitor’s rates will give you $20. We are also not going to get undressed on saving your money being good enough. We are going to make sure you get a great customer experience as well.

we are the Bartlesville insurance agent that is going to be able to ensure anything you’re looking for. Anywhere from home, Auto, commercial, health, RV, motorcycle, You Name It We are going to be the company that gets you the lowest rate. No matter what it is that you are looking for out of an insurance company, we’ve got you covered. Because we have dozens of different carriers not only can you find you a great rate, also a policy that works for you. By being able to provide you insurance for any of your names, not only is that going to save you tons of money, but also be more convenient for you. You will not have to deal with multiple different companies, simply to ensure all of your assets.

Our founder was obsessed with creating the best insurance agency for Bartlesville’s insurance. That is because he started out selling people insurance for some of the biggest names in the industry. Quickly realized being a captive agent was not the best way to serve his customer. This tied his hands making sure that he sold his clients a product it was best for the company he worked for, and not the client themselves. because helping people save money is the reason he got into insurance, he understood that he had to change his approach. you got out of is Captain agency as fast as he could, so he can start serving Bartlesville as an independent agent in truly getting his clients the best rates with the best coverage.

We’re the highest and most reviewed Insurance agent in Bartlesville. we have accomplishments by consistently wowing our clients. We do this by making sure that not only do we greet them with warm and being welcome, but by simply doing what we say we are going to do. I know this is an earth-shattering idea for a lot of people but we figured out Define being honest with people and delivering on what we say we are going to do people are more consistently happy with the results. Often our clients let us know how rare it is to run into an insurance agent that is honest and trustworthy is our staff is. We take great pride in this.

Get started using Enloe & Associates Visiting our website today at This will give you a good idea of what exactly our company is going to be able to provide to you. You can see what all types of insurance we provide, different carriers that we deal with, and get to know the people behind immigrant rates. If you want to give us a call and get started Pick up the phone and dial 918-221-0065 today.