When you were looking for Bartlesville Insurance you need to get with the experts over at Enloe and Associates. That is because they are going to be able to save you money. They have a built-in distinct advantage over many of the leading competitors because we are an independent agent. That means that we’re not stuck with a single company’s product for you. Instead, we are going to take your information and make dozens of insurance companies compete for your business. This ensures that you get a competitive quote, instead of just a single price hoping to take advantage of somebody that is not shopping around for insurance quotes. This happens far too often when working with single carrier agents.

No matter if you were looking for Bartlesville insurance for your car, home, or RV we’ve got you covered. We do not simply specialize in just one area or another, but we can provide you with all of your insurance needs. We do this because whenever you can carry multiple different types of insurance with a single carrier, you can often unlock huge savings. By bundling multiple different policies together it will incentivize insurance companies to give you the best quote possible with the most coverage. Making sure that they are competing with each other is only going to increase your savings.

Because we are the Bartlesville insurance that is going to be able to offer you some of the leading names in Insurance such as encompass, Progressive, and travelers you know that you were going to be not only getting a great rate, but we are also going to be able to make sure that you have an insurance provider that has an outstanding reputation. This goes along with the fact that we are already the highest and most reviewed insurance agent in Bartlesville. Making sure that you are working with an insurance agent that has a good reputation, he was also selling products from companies with outstanding reputations themselves is going to ensure that you have the Peace of Mind needed knowing that you are properly insured and being taken care of.

Our founder Derek first had the idea of becoming an independent insurance agent because of his frustration working with the big-time insurance carriers. Whatever he was a captive agent, meaning that he could only work with a single insurance company, he was being forced to sell a single product to customers whether that was the best option for them or not. He decided that instead of trying to push products down his client’s throats, which oftentimes included friends and family, he would rather do the work needed to make sure he was truly providing Great Value to these people. He knew he could only do this by switching over and becoming an independent agent. Now instead of having a single company offering a single product, he can shop around between dozens of different companies with multiple different coverage options to ensure that he is getting you the best rate, and the best product possible.

All you need to do to take advantage of our company’s amazing value is by visiting our website. This will allow you to take the first step towards getting a new quote for your insurance. We guarantee if we can’t beat your current coverage then we will give you $20. Go on over and visit https://enloeinsurance.com/ to fill out your free quote form today. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call at 918-221-0065.