Are you shopping for Bartlesville insurance? Are you wondering what’s the difference between a captive and an independent agent? it’s so then we got you covered! There are many different differences between the two types of Agents. Here at Enloe and Associates, we are what is known as an independent agent. This gives us many distinct advantages over much of the competition. This is what has led us to be Bartlesville’s highest and most reviewed Insurance Agency. We take pride in serving our community and making sure that we provide our customers with the absolute best customer service and expertise in the industry.

If you decide to go with an independent agent for Bartlesville Insurance then you are certain to be happy. This is because you were going to save money whenever you shop with an independent agent versus a captive agent. This almost always the case, as a captive agent is only plugging your information into one provider’s system. With an independent agent like you get with Enloe and Associates we shop around for the best rate possible between our dozens of carriers. This ensures you’re getting the best rate possible while getting excellent coverage. If you want to see how much money we can save you all you have to do is visit our website at Here you will be able to find more information about our great company!

Another great reason for going with Bartlesville Insurance options that independent agents versus captive agents are because we truly trying to be like humans and not just a number. It is important to us to not only serve you in the role of providing you with outstanding savings on your insurance policies but to truly make you feel like a valued customer. This is another one of the many reasons why we have become the highest and most reviewed insurance agent in Barnesville or. Nobody else goes above and beyond like we do make sure that we create the close friendships that often are the result of a longtime partnership with our clients because of our commitment to saving them money year over year.

Speaking of year-over-year savings, this is one of the many advantages that you’re going to receive by going with Enloe and Associates vs Big-time captive agents. Oftentimes when you get a quote from one of the big-box insurance companies, receiving some great and truly the best rate for the first year. However, they have several different tricks to make sure that when your policy comes up for Renewal the next year that it is jam-packed with escalators and inflation raises they are going to end up causing you to pay much higher rates than you had initially agreed to. I continually shopping your insurance every time it comes up for Renewal, we are going to take advantage of his many first-time options as possible I’m making sure that we get you with an insurance company that is going to protect you appropriately.

Do you think that you have a good idea of the advantages of using an independent insurance agent versus a captive one? If you still have questions that you would like answered all you have to do is go to our website To read more about our company. Worthy of question you think one of our customer service representatives 918-221-0065.