Do you live in Bartlesville you are looking for Bartlesville insurance? If so you need to give us a call at Enloe and Associates right away. We will beat any competitor’s home, Auto, motorcycle, RV insurance rate. We can provide you this guarantee because we have dozens appears that we can put your business out of bed for. This ensures that you are never paying more than you should for the cards that you need. having insurance companies compete over your business is going to make sure you get a competitive offer a high likelihood of better coverage.

What are the reasons why our company is passionate about Bartlesville Insurance is because of our founder. He started off working for some of the big names in insurance, I realized they were trying to force him to sell a singular product that wasn’t always the best fit for the consumer. This is why he decided to become an independent agent, allowing him to shop for his customers the best possible fit on coverage and price. This is very important to Derek because many of his clients especially starting a note we’re friends and family. You want to make sure that he can look them in the eye and tell them that he did a job that he can be proud of. That was not possible with some of the big carriers.

Anybody that’s looking for Bartlesville insurance needs to start with Enloe and Associates cuz they have an amazing offer for first-time customers. Right now all you have to do is fill out a form and have us provide you with a free quote, and if we can’t beat your current rate we will provide you with a $20. That’s right all we ask is that you give us a chance to earn your business, in worst-case scenarios you are $20 richer. Not only are you going to end up saving money on your insurance, but you’re also guaranteed to love you experienced because of our fast quote, great prices, and even better customer experience.

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whatever you go shopping for your insurance needs make sure you check with us before making a decision. We guarantee that we are going to be able to save you money by shopping around for the best coverage for you. All you have to do is visit our website Or if you would like to speak with us right away, give us a call at 918-221-0065

Bartlesville Insurance | What coverages do you offer?

when it comes to Bartlesville insurance we are going to be able to offer you competitive rates because of the many different companies that we are going to be able to quote you from. this includes some of the leading names of insurance such as Progressive, Encompass, Mercury, and travelers. These are just some of the carriers that we offer. making sure that we shot between all these different companies entering find companies will give you the best coverage possible, at the lowest price possible is our goal. You’ll never have things too much whenever you switch your insurance to Enloe & Associates.

we are the highest in most reviewed Bartlesville Insurance Company because of our dedication to the customer. Instead of simply trying to push a product whether it is good to fit compliance or not, but truly analyzing and trying to satisfy the client’s needs we make sure every one of our customers is happy With their experience. It is this attention to detail to every client that separates us from the competition. You are not just simply a number whenever you choose for our company to help you find the right fit for your insurance needs. These are just a few of the reasons why we have become the highest and most reviewed insurance agent in Bartlesville.

our founder starts off selling Bartlesville insurance working for a few biggest names in insurance. While this got him his foot in the door, he also quickly realized a problem he was not happy with. These big companies were simply asking their agents to sell a singular product, whether that was the right fit for the customer or not. Because these companies did not have options for their customers, it was frequent for customers to pay more than they needed, have more coverage than needed, Or in some cases, not enough coverage. because of the large number of our clients being friends and family members, this is something Derek knew he had to change. He wanted to make sure that he could look his friends and family members in the eye, as well as all of his new customers, and tell them he truly got them the best rate possible with the best insurance company for their needs.

If you want us to put our money where our mouth is all you have to do is fill out a form for us to give you a free quote. That’s because we offer our first-time customers a $20 that we can beat your right. That is how confident we are that we are going to be able to save you money on your insurance! Not only are you going to get an amazing offer on your insurance, but we guarantee that you’re going to love your spirit. When you request a quote with us, you will get it back in a lightning-fast amount of time. Our quick to quote combined with the best price in excellent customer service is surely going to leave you satisfied!

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